Simplified data sharing for data-driven decision-making

Lyftrondata and secure data sharing

Lyftrondata is a modern data fabric platform that provides efficient data sharing and collaboration while also producing new business insights. Data sharing within an organization's corporate ecosystem is safe. With Lyftrondata and Secure Data Sharing, you can easily publish data sets for discovery and access control, control secure, governed access to shared data, access live data from anywhere in your organization, and more. With Lyftrondata, businesses can be either data consumers or providers, or even both.

Sharing data in the cloud

The range of what is currently possible for data sharing is changing as a result of modern cloud data sharing. Organizations can enable the following through cloud data sharing:


Across cloud and region

The only platform that delivers direct access to live, ready-to-query data across clouds and regions with on-demand fulfillment and no ETL.

More than just data sharing

Lyftrondata enables customers to collaborate with data, data services, and built-in, usage-based monetization via Lyftrondata Marketplace.

Robust data governance

Use case-level auditing, targeted discovery, and revocable access to achieve collaboration that protects privacy.

Why Lyftrondata

Immediate and real-time accesss

You may still effortlessly access and share data and apps between corporate divisions, partners, and clients even if they are not utilizing Lyftrondata.

Secure, Governed, Revocable access

You can quickly decide who can find and use your product.


Simplify the purchasing process.

Collaboration use cases

Discover, acquire, and monetize data, data services, and applications across clouds.
Accelerate revenue growth
Unlock Insights with External Data and Services
Monetize Data, Data Services, and Applications
Strengthen Business Partnerships
Optimize operations
Accelerate Data Access by Removing ETL
Break down internal data silos
Collaborate with Companies Not Yet on Lyftrondata
Build data security & governance
Global Data Clean Rooms
Enterprise-Wide Data Governance


Data sharing has become more important in the business world. Data sharing has transformed from an academic research idea to a crucial business technology for companies of all sizes. Examples include data distribution across a large, global organization or the supplementation of internal data with more thorough market data to gain better insights. The ability to distribute identical sets of data resources among many users or applications while maintaining data fidelity for all entities consuming the data is known as data sharing. The demand for resource-intensive resources during extract, transform, and load (ETL) procedures have hampered the sharing of data between internal and external parties. Maintaining best practices for data governance and quality has also been difficult.

Discover, acquire, and monetize data across clouds, data services, and applications. securely collaborate with other organizations. Data silos can be eliminated, as can the difficulties in securely distributing and accessing data throughout an enterprise ecosystem.

Unlocking Insights with External Data and Services
Give users access to active data sets, data services, and programs that are still running.
Reduce the expenses, risks, and inconveniences related to traditional sharing methods.
Reduce the costs of extract, transform, and load (ETL) and data pipeline upkeep.
Increase the time to insight for your advanced analytics and business intelligence.
Monetize Data, Data Services, and Applications
Data analysis without data exposure.
Control access to and utilization of your data offering.
With one or several organizations, enable tailored discovery.
Count on a variety of internal data security features.
Strengthen Business Partnerships
Thousands of clients can be reached via Lyftrondata Marketplace.
Provide a range of scalable, consumption-based pricing alternatives.
Give consumers the option to sample before they buy.
Analyze and buy applications, data, and data services.

Unlock Insights with External Data and Services

Discover and access live, ready-to-query data, data services, and applications from over 350 partners in the Lyftrondata Marketplace

Monetize Data, Data Services, and Applications

See how companies like BlueGrass, New Meridian, IT Renew, etc. are delivering live data and reaching new customers through the Data Cloud.

Strengthen Business Partnerships

Streamline your business by sharing live, up-to-date data, data services, and applications with partners and vendors.


Accelerate Data Access by Removing ETL

Deliver data across your enterprise in minutes, not months. With secure data sharing, you remove the need for ETL.

Break down internal data silos

The ability to effectively collaborate between business units and subsidiaries is made possible by flexible discovery controls, sound data governance, and auditing.

Collaborate with Companies Not Yet on Lyftrondata

Manage the Lyftrondata accounts of your partners on their behalf, or just send them a direct link to your website so they can access your service.


Global Data Clean Rooms

Enable the analysis of sensitive data without exposing it.

Enterprise-Wide data governance

Multi-party governance controls like row-level access policies, data masking, and the capacity to completely revoke access allow you to have flexible and centralized knowledge of your data.

Easily build end-to-end data pipelines for breakthrough results