4 simple steps for migrating to
Azure Synapse with zero coding

Create connections
between data
sources and Azure Synapse

Prepare a source to the Azure Synapse pipeline by selecting tables in bulk

Assemble a workflow and schedule it to start the Azure Synapse migration process

Share your data
with third-party platforms
over API Hub

Simple and Intuitive

Switch to Azure Synapse like a boss

High-Speed Performance

Enjoy Azure Synapse's high-speed performance with codeless data environment

Prebuilt Transformation

Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks with prebuilt transformation templates

Monitoring Data

Monitor your Azure Synapse data frequently

Hear how Lyftrondata helped accelerate the data
journey of MOL Group

New applications

Lyftrondata enables instant analytics on WNI weather data that helped us streamline shipping lines.

Koichi Tsuji

Consulting Partner at MOL Group


Big data analytics, business data warehousing, and data integration are all combined in the software called Azure Synapse Analytics Integration, which offers limitless analytics capabilities. It gives you the freedom to use serverless or dedicated options and to scale up or down your data queries.

Intelligent workload management: Azure Synapse Analytics Drivers tool offers effective workload management for data warehouses.
Sub-second performance: Azure Synapse Analytics ETL enables their users to utilize sub-second performance on large analytical queries with materialized views and result-set cache
Serverless data: With Azure Synapse Analytics Integration software users can experience serverless data lake exploration with T-SQL.

Change Data Capture: Customers while using Azure Synapse Analytics Integration software often face issues while capturing data.

Temporal history table: Azure Synapse Analytics ETL does not support temporal history data functionality.

Always encrypted: Azure Synapse Analytics Connectors platform does not endorse always encrypted data function.

In-Memory OLTP: Clients are several times stuck on in-memory OLTP while using the Azure Synapse Analytics Drivers platform.

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