4 Simple Steps for Migrating to
Oracle with zero coding

Create connections
between data
sources and Oracle

Prepare a source to the Oracle pipeline by selecting tables in bulk

Assemble a workflow and schedule it to start the Oracle migration process

Share your data
with third-party platforms
over API Hub

Simple and Intuitive

Switch to Oracle like a boss

High-Speed Performance

Enjoy Oracle high-speed performance with codeless data environment

Prebuilt Transformation

Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks with prebuilt transformation templates

Monitoring Data

Monitor your Oracle data frequently

Hear how Lyftrondata helped accelerate the data
journey of MOL Group

New applications

Lyftrondata enables instant analytics on WNI weather data that helped us streamline shipping lines.

Koichi Tsuji

Consulting Partner at MOL Group


Oracle Migration creates connected products for your small business clients by quickly integrating with the accounting, banking, eCommerce, point of sale, and payment software they use. It supports designers as they work to solve the connectivity issue with the next generation of products for small businesses.

Seamless SaaS connection: You can Seamlessly connect SaaS to your software to your customer's financial data using Oracle Integration.

Payment automation: Payments Deliver automated reconciliation to your business customers with the Oracle connectors tool.

Expense management: Oracle ETL offers expense management integration to your business customers' transactional data with their accounting platform.

B2B payment synchronization: Oracle Drivers platform enables seamless B2B payments Synchronizing your customers' payables and receivables data.

Hectic onboarding: The onboarding experience could be refined in Oracle Integration.

Quaint database: Out-of-date data of Oracle Connectors.

Several errors and glitches: Evident client-side error, 401,

Unauthorized: The supplied Oracle API key is incorrect. 402

Stringent Repayments: Non-digital and manual applications and inflexible repayments with Oracle ETL.

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