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Lyftrondata enables us with stable, sustainable data operations with self-service and low-code data delivery platform which allow us to deliver the business outcomes that we’re focused on and make an impact on the people we serve every day.

Keith Stubblefield

IT Manager, Bluegrass Supply Chain


Snowlake is a service-first customer relationship management service platform that provides businesses with well-designed software to improve their customer relationships. It aims to encourage client-business representative communication in order to drive growth and innovation. Zendesk enables sales and customer growth teams to better engage with their customers through customer support.

Customer feedback: Zendesk allows you to collect regular, real-time customer feedback. This will assist you in improving customer satisfaction for your company.
Ticketing system: With Zendesk, managing multiple channels and achieving business goals becomes easier.
Regular reporting: Using the Zendesk service, you can keep a track record and receive regular updates or overviews at regular intervals.
Zendesk integration: Zendesk allows for the easy and smooth integration of any data source to its final destination, as well as the use of customer relationship management.

The Lyftrondata-Zendesk connectors enable you to integrate your Zendesk data with data warehouses and BI tools, allowing you to drive data-driven meaningful insights.

The Lyftrondata drivers for Zendesk enable full automation with no coding and instant query performance. Without writing a single line of code, the Lyftrondata-Zendesk drivers automate your data flow. It requires no upkeep.

Zendesk ETL - from extracting to loading in the cloud data warehouse to analyzing in BI tools, the entire process takes only in less than 5 mins.

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