4 Simple Steps for Migrating to
Jupiter with zero coding

Create connections
between data
sources and Jupiter

Prepare a source to the Jupiter pipeline by selecting tables in bulk

Assemble a workflow and schedule it to start the Jupiter migration process

Share your data
with third-party platforms
over API Hub

  • Simple and Intuitive

    Simple and Intuitive

    Switch to Jupiter like a boss.

  • high-performance

    High Performance

    Enjoy Jupiter high performance with codeless data environment.

  • high-performance

    Prebuilt Transformation

    Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks with prebuilt transformation templates

  • Simple and Intuitive

    Monitoring Data

    Monitor your Jupiter data frequently.

Hear how Lyftrondata helped accelerate the data
journey of MOL Group

New applications

Lyftrondata enables instant analytics on WNI weather data that helped us streamline shipping lines.

Koichi Tsuji

Consulting Partner at MOL Group


Jupiter integration offers third-party SIS, ensuring that all of your gradebooks—those for students, staff, courses, sections, and rosters—remain synchronized each night. Jupiter ETL partners with Clever for turn-key data integration.

Activity Dashboard: Jupiter ETL enables Activity Dashboard management.
Attendance Tracking: Jupiter Integration offers an Attendance Tracking system.
Grade Calculations: Jupiter Connectors software facilitates the Grade Calculations system.
Lesson Planning: Jupiter Drivers tool facilitates Lesson Planning support.

Bad code versioning: Jupiter Integration cannot enable good code versioning.

No IDE integration: There is no IDE integration, no linting, and no code-style correction available with the Jupiter Drivers tool.

Very hard to test: Jupiter Connectors software is very hard to test.

Start modernizing your Jupiter journey today