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Thousands of companies from 40+ countries trust Lyftrondata to power their analytics with accurate, unified, and real-time data. Are you ready to grow with data?

"Replicating data from source to warehouse seems like a simple process, but it requires a lot of manpower to build and connect to various sources, often with complicated APIs, and then maintain those connections. It would have been months of effort with very senior, high-paid engineers. But with Lyftrondata, it is a matter of fewer clicks"

Bob Collie

Chief Technology Advisor IT Renew.

IT Renew increased its ERP data usage for better data decisions by 60% with 100% data source compatibility and full transparency with Lyftrondata

ITRenew is revolutionizing data center infrastructure, the backbone of our digital world, through our innovative engineering, processes, and technologies. Our circular data center models create second lives for some of the most powerful data center technology on the planet.

Reaching new heights of business growth with Lyftrondata

Bluegrass is an industry-leading asset and facility management solutions provider in North America. Their clientele range from restaurants, and retail to transportation and logistics providers. Novel in their approach, the Bluegrass business model utilizes a network of service providers to outsource client work and use emerging technologies combined with analytics to drive optimization in their operations.

" Lyftrondata enables us with stable, sustainable data operations with self-service and low-code data delivery platform which allow us to deliver the business outcomes that we’re focused on and make an impact on the people we serve every day. "

Keith Stubblefield

IT Manager, Bluegrass

"Lyftrondata gave us the real automation we needed, along with the extraction, transformation, and loading of data. The execution was really smooth."

Thomas Hood

Manager Analytics

Devis accelerates pending tickets resolution by 50X and save engineering cost with Lyftrondata

Development InfoStructure, LLC (Devis) is a Small Business that provides DevSecOps, IT consulting services, and solutions.

We build, modernize, and sustain software solutions as a catalyst for the improved government. Our products and services operate in over 70 countries and across multiple government agencies.

MOL Group empowers it's ships to use realtime weather analytics for better sea routes with Lyftrondata

We will develop a variety of social infrastructure businesses in addition to traditional shipping businesses, and will meet the evolving social needs including environmental conservation, with innovative technology and services.

" Lyftrondata significantly contributed to laying the groundwork necessary for our future success and well-being as a young company. Both of our teams have found it to be a rewarding experience, and we are both learning a lot as a result. "

Koichi Tsuji

Consulting Partner at MOL Group

"Lyftrondata enables us with digital transformation which results in better inventory management and reduced our time to access data from weeks to minutes."

Bob Collie

Chief Technology Advisor Iron Mountain.

Iron Mountain empowers its team to digital transform Business Central 365 raw data into Azure Synapse for instant analytics

We don’t just talk about our values. Through our community outreach efforts, team-building initiatives, and commitment to being carbon neutral by 2040, we live our values every day.

Tradedepot increased online orders by 50% for better ERP data analysis with Lyftrondata

When you register as a supplier, TradeDepot becomes a full-time distributor of your products. We buy and store the inventory, and take care of everything from shipping and pricing to customer service and returns.

" We needed a true data warehouse that stored all of our client data, so we brought on Lyftrondata to get that architecture in place, and we haven’t had any problems." Everything with Lyftrondata has been turn-key. "

Ikenna Okolo

Manager Data Operations, Tradedepot

" Lyftrondata has completely changed the way we do business for the better. Any SQL query can be run as it would on any other system, but Lyftrondata performs it so much more quickly. "

Ali Aghatabar

Director at Intelicosmos

Intelicosmos answer the customer trend analytics questions with Lyftrondata

Highly smart and motiviated experts who have been closely in touch with real business and technical challenges and ready to bring freshness to your business.

ZMCLP ditch manual data processes and amp up investments decison making by 70% with Lyftrondata

When you register as a supplier, TradeDepot becomes a full-time distributor of your products. We buy and store the inventory, and take care of everything from shipping and pricing to customer service and returns.

" We really like what Lyftrondata enables us to do." It is incredibly easy, fast, and reliable. This has been a paradigm shift for us; it is the future of data pipelines and ETL, and Lyftrondata is at the forefront of it. "

Bob Collie

Chief Technology Advisor, ZMCLP

"We use Intersystems Cache's empowered medical information system which makes it difficult for us to perform analytics and decision-making across the various centers. With Lyftrondata we can understand near real-time information about patients and their visits instantly. The benefits are increased effectiveness and better insights on our decision-making."

Glenn Requierme

Director of Analytics

REHAB Hospital of The Pacific

Exceptional healthcare experience on Lyftrondata Intersystems Cache DB Integration with Google Bigquery & Google Data Studio

Rehab Hospital is an independently owned business with headquarters in Plymouth, Pennsylvania. They are professionals at advising employees on their healthcare options.

Pethonesty increased its data usage on the CRM platform by 70% with 100% data source compatibility and full transparency

All of PetHonesty’s soft chew supplements are manufactured in a huge (215,000 square feet kind of huge!) FDA registered facility right here in the U.S.A. The facility follows all GMP guidelines and is SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level 3 certified and APHIS-approved for multiple countries.

"As a pet-friendly brand we needed to focus on doing the analysis and answer questions with data rather than work out how to access it, It became very clear that we were going to have to use a connector solution like Lyftrondata."

Tyler Vassallo

Manager Data Warehouse

"The Second City leverages advanced analytics by using Lyftrondata to blend customer data from Salesforce, SQL Server, CSV, JSON, Business Central 365, and more into Tableau, and Salesforce."

Bob Collie

Portfolio Manager

Second City accelerates digitalization by 200X and reduces development times, thanks to Lyftrondata

The Second City is an improvisational comedy company with training programs and live theaters in Toronto and Los Angeles. It is the oldest continuously operating improvisational theater company with its home base in Chicago.

Acquitas cuts costs and time to insights by 50% with Lyftrondata

Aquitas Solution is a well-known global leader in the provision of EAM and IoT platform solutions for asset-intensive industries.

"Lyftrondata’s IBM Maximo and cross databases migration is so reliable, we’re not panicking to find out if our data has been migrated or if the app has crashed. With less time required to triage problems, we can spend more time on our better decision making."

James Lewis

Director of Operations

" We used to spend 80% of the time moving data over to build campaigns; that’s fallen to 20%. It means we can focus more on building engaging emails and making sure we have the data back from campaigns to analyze, with the help of Lyftrondata, as in helping us with faster data management at the fraction of the cost we were previously paying "

Mohammed Ajami

CEO at RightFarm

Rightfarm improves data granularity, extraction, and transparency by 60% with Lyftrondata

Right Farm's one-stop shop uses predictive technology to streamline purchasing, operations, and routing for a clear and practical end-to-end process from farm to table.

HelloChef increased food delivery by 70X, and amp up data autonomy and efficiency with Lyftrondata

HelloChef is an internet-first meal kit delivery service provider. It provides vegetarian, vegan, and low-carb meals. HelloChef enables busy people to eat wholesome food.

"We knew we wanted to embark on a cloud journey, and Lyftrondata was built in that world, enabling cloud and on-premises systems to manage the complexity of healthy food delivery in a safe, and secure manner."

Hitesh Pachor

Director of Analytics, Hello Chef

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"Provides a modern and sophistic architecture, supported by Snowflake with an effective storage"
We love the fact that Snowflake really accelerates sync capacities with Amazon Redshift. With this we are able to harvest our bigdata for complex machine learning purposes with practically no lags or bugs, whatsoever!
5 Out of 5 (875)
Inayat Q.

Data Analyst

"Superb BI integration resulting to customizable reporting for operational systems with Lyftrondata"
Lyftrondata offered us great integration with our strategic business tools and data warehouse using Snowflake and ADP connector. The replicated data is processed using ANSI SQL without code, thus enabling us to divert our IT resources.
5 Out of 5 (875)
Prabhakar J

Data Scientist

"Fetching data from ServiceNow was never so easy"
Lyftrondata offers lots of integration options and is affordable. The team is very supportive. The integration has easy steps with simple interface and user friendly. The data mapping capabilities from source to target is impressive.
5 Out of 5
Ankur M.

Data Analyst

"Easy extraction of complex data with Lyftrondata."
There is a very smart mechanism with Lyftrondata that complies with the enterprise data governance framework, and works very effectively in extracting large volume of data accurately, and in the customized format we want.
5 Out of 5
Sakshi P.

Data Architect


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