Amp-up your data game
with a no-code
modern data delivery platform

No credit card
Zero coding

In four simple steps, you can accelerate your
data modernization journey

Normalize your data
Extract data from a growing library of 300+ integrators with low-code integrations
Centralize your data
Implement data governance and data classification rules to help automate your workflow
Organize your data
Ingest it to the data warehouse or analyze it in BI tools

with zero coding
Share your data
Prepare, share and leverage it for data monetization use cases like IoT, ML, and AI

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Lyftrondata = Do more with less!

With our platform one Lyftrondata developer can do the work of a Business Analyst, Data Architect, and ETL Developer.
This translates to 200 times acceleration at 1/10th the cost

Lyftrondata’s built-in modern decoupled modules adapt to your modern data infrastructure

Turn data into action 200x faster at 1/10th of the cost and drive powerful business outcomes with highly scalable infrastructure.


Use the power of unlimited compute & performance


Get your change data events instantly


Schedule, orchestrate, and monitor data pipelines and workflows with ease


Get the unlimited scalability of the modern cloud data warehouse


Manage containerized workloads and services with ease


Insights to business value with powerful visualizations

Learn why industry thought leaders love Lyftrondata

Lyftrondata is already a solution much ahead of its time that can offer serious competitive advantages and value propositions to enterprises. If we are able to bring some innovation to life by collaborating, Lyftrondata can make a big market disruption that can equip its customers with significant analytical intelligence
Kent Graziano
A Semi-retired Snowflake Data Cloud Evangelist

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